Make Mine Shaker Please!

December 5, 2018

Make Mine Shaker Please!

Most people know that styles come and go. My daughter’s are wearing clothes now that were popular when my wife was their age. It’s no different with cabinet styles. I can usually walk into a kitchen and come pretty close to guessing when the house was built or remodeled. When you begin to look at current design trends for kitchens and bathrooms, one of the most popular style of cabinet doors today are Shaker. Occasionally referred to as Mission style, they are similar, but slightly different. Mission style furniture rose to popularity well after the Shaker style and is normally thought of as the fancier cousin of Shaker style design. Mission style designs were more often done in Oak and other grainy woods while Shaker doors were commonly done in Maple. The simplicity of the Shaker style appeals to many and remains a classic choice.

The Origins of the Shaker Door

Original Shaker furniture reflected the core ethics of the Shaker society: strength and stability achieved through efficient design, containing only elements that are practical. The basic Shaker door adheres to these sensibilities with a simple five-piece construction, made up of a flat central panel surrounded by a raised square frame.

The Shaker style has endured for well over 100 years and its influence can be seen in many homes and interiors. The Shaker door remains one of the top sellers for many cabinet manufacturers due to its easy adaptability.

Modern Variations of the Shaker Door

While the original Shaker furniture was based upon an almost total lack of decoration, modern interpretations have added some subtle elements. Depending on the desired look, Shaker door styles can be enhanced through the use of modern materials and finishes, knobs and pulls, and simple decorations.

The straightforward design of a Shaker door makes a wonderful canvas to showcase the beauty of natural wood grain and stained finishes. For adding large areas of color to a room, the Shaker style works equally well with painted finishes.

Shaker doors are capable of working with many of today’s popular interior design styles. Whether you are working with a sleek and modern bathroom, a craftsman-inspired kitchen, or a country chic design aesthetic, Shaker doors can be easily added to your plans.

After selecting a finish that works with your room, the final touch is to pick the right knobs and pulls for your cabinets. The original Shaker style called for simple wood knobs, which is still a viable option for some designs. However, the simple lines of Shaker doors allow unusual or decorative knobs to take the spotlight.